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Really funny protest song by candidate for Mayor of Calgary

SFMTA and SFPark Parking Rules: What are they? According to Jay Primus in a March 3rd KQED interview "So time limits are now either 4 hours, or there is no time limit at all." Click to play


North Beach Central Subway SFMTA Meeting - Monday, November 19, 2012
News story broadcast on KCBS, by Chris Philippi

The Anti-Car rhetoric taken from 2008 "The Battle for San Francisco (July 3, 2008)"

Another in a series of podcasts from the Towards Car-free Cities Conference in Portland Oregon, Bikescape recorded a presentation about mobility and land use politics in San Francisco. From the origins of Critical Mass to the ascendency of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the story is told by writer Chris Carlsson, Dave Snyder of SPUR, the SFBC's Leah Shahum, and CSU professor Jason Henderson

ENUF GROUP - SFMTA Meetings on Vimeo

Supervisor Chiu Statement: "Let me let folks know what my perspective on this has been, which is, obviously the fact that I have asked the MTA to look at alternatives to the base case. I have not supported the base case because of the neighborhood impact. And, I was very interested in looking at other options to see how we can minimize the impact on the neighborhood, and I am interested in looking at an alternative that give us a possible future when it comes to phase three."

My favorite quotes of the evening - "How can you build a tunnel if you don't know where you are aiming it?". Ed's answer, "Great point."

Supervisor Chiu from zRants on Vimeo.

Tommy D sings the Parking Meter Blues


Cool Hand Luke - Opening Scene


The Whole Foods Parking Lot


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