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No Monster in the Mission: Actions against gentrification in the Mission are getting harder to ignore. This one took place at a Union Hall where Maximus was presenting their plan to develop the 16th and Mission corner lot. Already their plans have brought about evictions of local tenants by neighboring landlords who want to sell to more developers.This is being pitched as a choice between residents and jobs. See what happened to affordable housing in Parkmerced. (http://www.pmacsf.org/)
Today at 16th and Mission: (http://wp.me/pIeN-I0)

No Monster

Third Street is a disaster, with traffic merging on and off of the T-Line Tracks without warning. See video below of one of the merging lanes. Note the cyclist running a red light, (we have a green, so he has to have a red) and taking a left on red onto the T-Line tracks in front of us.

PARKING DRAMAS - Citizen Complaints

Bus Stop in Front of Garage - Video

Baker to Pan Handle Golden Gate - Video

How one man adapted to the parking police - Audio

Drivers v. SFMTA - pdf

The Problems with parking - pdf

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